Coconut Cacao Bliss Balls

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Another day, another delish ball variation...


Much like the original Energy Ball, this tiny snack packs a delicious -- and NUTRITIOUS -- punch.  

The perks about this recipe are that 1) it uses less ingredients (win for both your time AND your wallet -- especially if you're making 12 batches of these a month).  And 2) you can "build" off of the original recipe and add in pretty much anything you like.  

The only con I can think of is doesn't have any nut butter in it.  I know, right?  You're flabbergasted.  I, the Nut Butter Addict, have created a treat without the use of any nut butter.  I am almost ashamed of myself. 

EXCEPT.  It has whole nuts in it.  So that's basically nut butter, right??  Whew.  Ok, now I feel like I can show my face again.  

This bliss ball recipe is adapted from Cameron Diaz's site: I just happened to stumble upon this site and fell. in. looooove. So many yummy ideas and good motivation for life in general.  

Sorry -- back to those balls.  I took the original recipe and just tweaked it a bit more.  You could really add any "mix-in's" you'd like in there (mini chocolate chips, cacao nibs, hemp seeds, dried fruit)...or coat them in melted organic, fair trade chocolate if you REALLY wanna get all fancy-dancy. 

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Cook Time: 40 min (30 min setting in freezer)

Servings: about 15 ping-pong size balls


1 C nuts of choice (I used almonds, but cashews or walnuts would be work just as well)

1 C pitted medjool dates (about 9-10 dates)

2 Tbsp Navita Naturals cacao powder

pinch pink salt

1-2 Tbsp water (add a Tbsp at a time till the mixture sticks together)

1 Tbsp ground flax seeds (optional, but I like the texture and added nutrient boost it gives them)

1/4 C unsweetened shredded coconut for coating at the end (or not -- as you can see, I left a few un-coconutted for B)


Pulse nuts in food processor till coarsely chopped.  Add in dates, cacao powder, salt, and 1 Tbsp water.  Pulse till mixture binds together, adding another Tbsp of water if needed.  Roll into balls.  Place coconut in a bowl and roll each ball around till thoroughly coated.  Pop into the freezer for 30 minutes to set.  

Store in airtight container for up to a week or freezer for up to 4 weeks. 

I hope you + yours enjoy these as much as we did!  I also hope you all have a very BLESSED Christmas holiday celebrating our Savior.  Later, babes!  <3