Why hire a personal trainer?  

A personal trainer is the motivation and advocate you need to GET YOU GOING.  Think of me as your own personal kick in the pants/cheerleader, if you will.  Between weekly progress check-ins and frequent motivational emails, you won't have a reason NOT to workout!  

Why purchase one of Jayme Williams Fitness' packages as opposed to other personal training packages?

As a mom, I know the feeling of trying to embrace your newfound post-baby body.  Between caring for your family, keeping the house presentable, and work, a healthy lifestyle is often way down on The List.  The struggle is real, y'all!  That is why I've developed an unique exercise plan that is perfect for busy moms, as well as a nutrition guide that breaks it all down for you and helps you know what you should be eating to best fuel your body.  I've even gone so far as to list brands of foods that are approved for a "clean" lifestyle!  With these two plans and a lot of hard work, you can earn that "fit mom" status you've been itching to obtain!