8-Week HIIT Training Program


8-Week HIIT Training Program


This program is designed to help you stay active, burn fat, increase cardiovascular endurance, and increase muscle tone.

With this program, you will receive:

-8 weeks of completely different workouts, personally designed by Jayme (no two workouts are the same!)

-visual descriptions of every single move

-additional tips to improve your results 

*If you have questions regarding this program (either before or after purchasing), please contact Jayme through the form provided under the Contact tab. 

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Who Should Use This Trainer: Those of you who are looking to gain energy, strength, overall muscle tone, and lose fat.  This program is good for beginners as well as those who are more experienced.

Equipment:  This program utilizes varying weights of dumbbells/kettlebells and/or resistance bands/tubes.  Cardio equipment and gym membership is not required.

Dedication: This program is divided into three workouts a week.  You can expect to spend 25 minutes (including warm-up and cool-down) each day.  This is in addition to any strength training regimen that you currently do.