12-Week Muscle Building Training Program


12-Week Muscle Building Training Program


This is an online program that is geared towards helping you build lean muscle mass, which will in turn help you burn more fat.

With this program, you will receive: 

-12 weeks of unique workouts, personally designed by Jayme

-Exercise descriptions (pictures) for every exercise prescribed

-General information/resources to help you tailor your diet to fit your muscle-building goals

*If you have questions regarding this program (whether prior to or after purchase), you may contact Jayme through using the form on the Contact tab on this site.  

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Who Should Use This Trainer: Those of you who are looking to build lean muscle, gain strength, and really push yourself to meet new goals.  It is recommended that you not start this program if you are a "beginner" at strength training.

Equipment Needed:  This program utilizes gym equipment.  I recommend you going a gym if you're not already a member.

Dedication:  As with all of my programs, this trainer is divided into four workouts per week.  That includes cardio.  You can expect to spend about an hour in the gym on those days.

*Once you place your order, a PDF file containing the workouts will be immediately emailed to you.  If you have any questions, please contact Jayme using the form in the Contact tab of this site.