12-Week Customized Training Program

Fitness Shoot 1.jpg
Fitness Shoot 1.jpg

12-Week Customized Training Program


With this 12-week program designed specifically for you, you will:

-Be able to meet your own personal fitness goals

-Take into consideration any medical needs/limitations you may have

-Increase lean muscle mass, which maximizes fat burning 

-Slowly progress until you feel comfortable using weights

-Have weekly check-ins to track your progress

-Have unlimited contact via email to answer any questions you may have

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**I am currently taking a LIMITED amount of clients for customized programs.  Don't miss out---go ahead and place your order or contact me for more information!**

This PDF file is one of two, and explains the program's goals and gives you a Questionnaire to fill out so that I can better tailor the program design to your specific needs.  Once you have purchased this package and emailed me your responses, I will begin designing your customized exercise plan.  I will then email you the second PDF file, containing the workout schedule, within one week (5 business days).  


Thank you!