COMING IN 2015...

There are big things happening this year, folks! 

First, we will be welcoming a second little person into our family in October!  Can you say, "EEEK!!!!"?!  I am currently 13 weeks along and feeling good!  I had a little complication around weeks 8-10, which led to bedrest.  But praise the Lord it has resolved and Gummy Bear (that's my nickname for this kiddo) and I are doing just fine!  Of course, I was restricted from working out for several weeks, but I'm slowly building my strength and stamina back up.  I'm determined to make this a fit pregnancy!  I hope you'll follow my journey during and after! 

This exciting news actually brought about the other "happenings" for the year...I will be expanding my online programs with not just one, but THREE new 12-week plans!  

These will be considered more "graduate programs", if you will, meaning they will be for those of you (like my clients who have "graduated") who have been in the gym, are familiar with the fundamentals, and just need a good workout plan.  I won't be customizing these, and I also won't be following you for the entire 12-weeks (although I will be available via email if you ever have any questions).  Basically, it'll be an easy grab n' go type plan, which is perfect for YOU, as well as myself once I go on maternity leave!  See?  I'm always thinking ahead! (Wink, wink.)

Now, I'm sure you're wondering what the three separate plans will be focusing on.  The first will be geared towards muscle building/bulking.  The second will be focusing on leaning down (think more high rep, lower weight moves), although this will NOT be a competition prep program.  The third (which I'm super excited about!) will be for my fellow pregos who still want to SAFELY lift weight and stay active during their pregnancies.  Of course, this is a work in progress, as I'm learning every day what the pregnant body is capable of!  

Well, that's my exciting news, y'all!  I plan on launching those plans sometime in the next few months, so stay tuned!  I also would like some feedback on much would YOU pay for a good quality 12-week plan?  Talk to me!