What's In My Bag?

Gym bag, that is.

As a mom of two and personal trainer, you know this mama ain't carrying around designer purses anymore. I've long-since traded those beauties in for a diaper bag and gym bag.  My motto: if I can't fit it in either of these bags, it just can't come with us! Haha

So what is actually IN said gym bag, you ask? Let's take a peek at some of my fave "gym must haves"...

1) Monster iSport Freedom Wireless/Bluetooth headphones:

My husband got these puppies for me as a "push"/early anniversary present before our son was born. Yep, that's right, I got headphones as a push present. That's because he gets me.  He really does. [enter heart eyes emoji]

I have to say these are the. best. headphones.  The charge lasts fooorrreverrrr; I charged them as soon as I opened them and worked out four times a week for over TEN weeks before I had to charge them again! No more headphones dying mid-gym-sesh anymore! 

What happens if (heaven forbid) they DO die on you?  No prob, Bob. They have a little wire you can attach to your phone and voila---keep on liftin'! 

You can get a pair of your own here: 


2) Pad and paper: 

I believe it is SO important to keep track of a) your workout goals, and b) how you are progressing with reaching those goals.  So in addition to a small binder containing whatever training program I'm currently working on, I also tuck a little flip pad and pen in there that I can tote around with me while I'm working out.  

I'll jot down the date, each move I do, and the reps/sets/weight used for each. The next time I work that muscle group, I refer back to the previous workout so I can try to beat those numbers. It's amazing how much harder you'll push yourself when you see it actually written down!

3) Hand-sanitizer (not pictured : 

Because I'm OCD.  And no matter how many signs they put up, people don't wipe down equipment.  Hence, gyms are crawling with germs, and I bathe in hand-sanitizer as soon as I walk out those doors. 

*If you are really scrutinizing the pic, you'll notice #3 isn't pictured...I promise you that's not on purpose. My bottle squozed it's last squeeze Monday morning. This is a sanitation emergency, people. 

4) Flip Belt:

This little thing is pretty nifty! It's just a band that slips around your waist/hips and holds yours phone and/or key.  It even fits my mini-laptop (AKA: iPhone 6 Plus) with the case ON, which is a big deal.  

To snag one of these, just click the link below: (can you tell I heart Amazon?)


5)  Nike Fundamental Training gloves:

Having workout gloves is kind of a deal-breaker for me.  Don't have them one day? Nope, sorry. I can't do those deadlifts. Hahaha. Ok, I'm kinda-sorta kidding here.  But seriously, if you're lifting enough weight (and for enough reps/sets), those calluses can hurt!  I literally wear gloves every single time I workout, and I find that I can lift heavier when I do! 

Once again, you know where you can find these babes...


6) Go Macro protein bars:

I never want to be stuck in a predicament of "I just worked out and have nothing to re-fuel my body with...what fast food joint can I whip into??" Can you say "YUCK"?? OR the other end of the spectrum where I choose to eat nothing to avoid whipping into those yucky fast food joints.  That's almost just as bad!

That is why I always have a protein bar tucked into my gym bag.  (And maybe a couple hidden in my diaper bag, too...) These yummy, satisfyingly chewy bars don't have my usual 20+ grams of protein in them, but they have enough to tide me over till I can have a larger portion.  

Or you can just eat two. Whatevs. No judgment here! 

I'm changing it up on you guys a little bit with this link...I know, gasp! 


7) Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor:

I have been a long-time fan of Polar Fitness gear.  I have used their heart rate monitors for almost six years now and have only gone through two of them!  Granted, you have to change the batteries more often depending on how often you workout, but still.  The life-span of this brand is definitely worth what you'll spend on a watch/strap combo (see link below).

This specific one gives you: heart rate, calories burned, average heart rate, and highest heart rate.  For me, that's all I need to know.  Some people may want more info, and if that's you, then I recommend browsing their more expensive/high-tech options.  But this one is a winner in my book!

Oh, look. Another Amazon link! I swear, guys, they're not paying me to advertise here. I just have an obsession. Haha.


And then there's the bag itself...it's a CALIA by Carrie Underwood Quilted Bag, and I found it at Dick's Sporting Goods. While it's not a LuLu Lemon bag (sorry, Miss LuLu, you're not in the budget right now), it's still adorable---and FUNCTIONAL! It has lots of pockets (anyone else love pockets as much as me?!) and a long strap for carrying it like a messenger bag. Job well done, Carrie. #nailedit! 

Here's the link for the bag, just in case you're in the market to treat yourself...hehe. 


There you have it, folks!  Let me know if any of you try these goodies and what you think!  Comment below or tag me in a pic on Instagram (and while you're at it, make sure you're following me! @fit_n_clean_mama).  I'd love to hear from you all!

Happy Hump Day, my fit peeps!