June Challenge

Hi, loves!

Sorry for the lapse of blog posts recently; things have been CRAY around here!

Two kiddos, NO SCHOOL for the McNugget this summer (heeeeelp!), dance lessons, swim lessons, apartment life, building a house all the way across town, working on building my brand and new business ventures, weddings, babies being born, birthdays...whew.  That's all I can say: WHEW.  #mamaneedsmorecoffee

Annnd it doesn’t look like things will slow down in June, but you know what? That’s a-okay! God is POURING out His blessings on my family and my business, and I’m just welcoming it all!  Just please bear with me if I’m absent for a while, because I promise that more fun is to follow!

Speaking of fun…how about another challenge to welcome June and whip us into shape?! 

I had the privilege of blogging over on my friend Kelsey’s (above, with her super adorable fam) site today (http://thehomelovingwife.com/wellness/fitness/) and shared my 4-Week, No-Nonsense Workout

All you need is thirty minutes a day (or less), four days a week.  That’s IT, y’all.  We can all make that a priority, right?  Right??

Feel free to hop on over to her blog and check out the workout for yourself!  I recommend printing it out and placing it somewhere where you will see it everyday.

Also, go ahead and plan what days of the week you will do the workouts.  For me, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are the best days to get it done.  If I go ahead and allot thirty minutes for a workout while I’m writing out my to-do list, I’m much more likely to make it happen!

Ok, so who’s with me?? Come on, bikini body--Mama’s waiting for you!