While I Whiten

It's that time again, y'all.

After too many almond milk lattes to count (seriously, I have a problem), it's time to brighten these teeth up again! 

Cue Smile Brilliant - my tried and true at-home whitening system.  If you've read my previous post, Smile with Confidence, then you know about my first go-round with this system - and that I loved the results!  So I'm at it again...and this time, I got B to get in on the fun, too.  Haha!

One of the things I love most about Smile Brilliant is that I can literally do it ANYWHERE while doing ANYTHING.  Ok, maybe I don't want to wear them while singing in the choir at church, but you get the point.  The clear trays make it so easy to just load them with gel, pop them in, and go on 'bout my business.  Total #momwin, I'm telling ya!

Here are a few examples of getting things done while I whiten:

Blogging (at my little make-shift office space in our master bedroom)...

Smile Brilliant 1.jpg

...getting my glam on (AKA: actually getting to wash/straighten my hair, which you moms know is as rare as getting to go to the bathroom without an audience - HA!)...

Smile Brilliant 3.jpg

...and working on these baby muscles of mine.

Smiel Brilliant 2.jpg

I've also worn them while cooking/baking for the fam, on the phone, while winding down for the night with B, and at the grocery store (not even kidding).  It's seriously SO convenient, you guys!

I'm sure you're wondering how my teeth did this round?  I am amazed at how much it brightened them up!  This was after wearing the trays for about an hour a day for 10 days total (with maybe a day or two missed in there for random reasons).  I mean, hello, pearly whites! 

Teeth Before and After.jpg

If you want to try it out for yourself, you're in luck!  For the next week, you can also enter my giveaway for a chance to win a T-3 Sensitive Kit (a $139 value).  All you have to do is click here to enter and you will be notified if you won once the giveaway ends (a week from today)!  [This is open to US, UK, Canadian, and Australian residents - yay!]

If you don't want to wait that long, feel free to use my code JAYME15 for 15% your entire kit.  Also, you can check out some of the FAQ's on the Smile Brilliant to help answer any you may have.  You can also comment below or message me - I'm always here for you guys!