It's Okay to NOT Be Okay

There. I said it.

Not every day in motherhood (or adulthood in general) is all rainbows and butterflies, you guys. I know everyone sees the highlights reels of giggles, baking with the kids, perfect vacays, + fun times on social media, but remember: those are just HIGHLIGHTS. I guarantee those same people have rough days, too. I just wish more people would admit it so we could save ourselves the effects it has on our mental health!

So I’m opening up to y’all. I, too, have days where I honestly don’t want to hear the word “mama” one more time - especially during the summer when I’m with the kids almost 24/7. Where I just want to stay in my jammies all day and binge watch KUWTK. Where I feel like I could cry or scream - at. the. same. time. It happens. It’s normal. And it’s OKAY.

You know why?

Because those bad days lead into the good ones. The ones where you laugh till your stomach hurts, get the sweetest compliment from your littles (and/or significant other), and feel like a magical unicorn. Those are the days that make the bad days seem null and void. Like a blip in time.

So if you’re having a rough day, week, or heck - maybe even month! - remember that you’re not alone. That it’s ok to be frustrated, cry, take some time for YOU, or take time off social media to get your mental health in check. That your bad days will lead into those good days. And that you’re freaking AWESOME.