My Weekly Shopping List

You asked for, so here it is: my weekly shopping list!

This is a list of what I get for my fam every. single. week. Granted, sometimes we run out of staples (like GF flour, nuts, etc.) and have to restock, but these items are my weekly must-haves.


  • Organic Girl spinach

  • Organic Girl romaine lettuce

  • bananas

  • avocados

  • Driscoll’s organic strawberries (if they’re in season)

  • blueberries + raspberries

  • organic grapes (if in season)

  • sweet potatoes

  • baby carrots

  • organic apples (small)

  • organic cucumber


  • Perdue extra lean ground chicken

  • Publix green wise 93/7 ground turkey

  • Publix green wise (or Springer Mountain) chicken breasts or tenderloins

  • Boarshead oven gold turkey breast deli meat (no nitrates or preservatives - and lower sodium!)

  • some sort of fish (I alternate between salmon, shrimp, and cod)




  • Kashi gluten-free/vegan cinnamon waffles

  • Lundberg sprouted brown rice OR organic jasmine rice (I alternate between the two)

  • Publix greenwise canned beans (unless I make fresh ones that week)

  • Annie’s Mac n’ cheese

  • Banza chickpea pasta (I love adding marinara sauce, pesto, or even just a drizzle of avocado oil)

  • Zevia stevia-sweetened drinks (we’re all obsessed with them!)

  • no-sugar-added apple juice (no from concentrate - which I add to a cup with mostly water for the kiddos)

That pretty much sums it up! I use a lot of my the pantry staples I mentioned before (nuts, gluten-free flours, protein powder, Enjoy Life chocolate chips, hemp seeds, etc.) throughout the week and then restock those as needed.

Since I get asked this a lot (and I’m an open book), I’ll tell you we usually spend about $150 per week on groceries (for all four of us). That’s not including any “staples” we need to restock. But again, we don’t do that but every few weeks and I don’t generally buy them all at once to space the extra expenses out.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of these products, how I choose certain items, and where you can find them (some are linked above)!